Lol, some of you probably think I’ve always had this fire for God, and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

These words have left my mouth numerous times. Many times I wanted to forfeit my salvation. “God, I’m not HAPPY do you understand that?! I don’t wanna be where I am, why won’t you let me do what I want? I only live once, just let me do it, it’s not a big deal.”

And when I saw I couldn’t beg my way out of it, I would play nice, go to church and write letters to God, thanking Him and being sweet. Much like a child! How silly.

 My heart was HARDENED. I wanted what the flesh wanted, I wanted pleasure, joy and fun. I was sick of leading a boring life full of problems. 

Honestly, after a while, you get tired of going back and forth with God and constantly losing. Why was I losing? Because I had given my life to Jesus. (I got baptized in 2009) He knew if I kept going down that road, I would lose my life. I couldn’t see that far ahead, who can? He forgives us of our sins when we ask and truly repent, but the consequences can’t always be taken away. They also keep us in line. If I knew I was gonna die, would I have kept giving into my flesh? Was the adrenaline worth my life? It wasn’t.

“I have cried many tears for you Isabella. When I look down at your life, I can’t see you. You’re surrounded by darkness (God is light) and I can’t see the letters you’ve written to me because they were written with evil intentions.”

Those words weren’t enough. I still stumbled many times. But being where I am today, I can tell point to you the ONE thing that has kept me sane. The one thing that has brought me joy and peace, all at once. And that is the BIBLE and the Holy Spirit. The word is the truth. It is alive, it is relevant, it’s up to date and it’s convicting.

Without the HS, this lifestyle feels like a chore. Like these are stupid rules and that God wants to control us all.  I gave all of it up! I don’t desire anything of the world, actually I am disgusted by it.(Complete 180!) You start craving the word, worship music, correction, connection. It’s SO natural.

This sense of security is everything. God is my Father and I will not let sin surround me. I need to hear my Father and know that He can see me. 

(No bible verses cited because I had to type this as it came, didn’t have time to stop.)

Be blessed. 

Spirit lead me

Is it any coincidence that Christ calls us to be all of these things while they all come from the Holy Spirit?

If you’re having trouble being any of these, you’re lacking more of the Holy Spirit. 


We are not called to be perfect but with the Spirit of God, we are closer to leading a holy life, and have the ability to reach others and show them the love and mercy God has shown us.

Have a great weekend! 

The plan- random revelation

God created us and gave us this one life, as a chance to choose Him and His ways. We have free will- meaning we are going to be influenced by good and bad, and we have the Bible to guide us and lead us to Him. We choose to do that or give into our human nature and question everything, including our Creator.

Jesus is our “bridge”- He paid the price for our sins so we wouldn’t have to. 

The Holy Spirit is the forgotten one in many churches. He is the KEY to holding a relationship with God. Without Him we cannot get over that addiction or sin by ourselves. He provides joy and guidance at all times! 


Titus 1:15-6 

-Titus 1:15-16 
I believe we can all relate to this on some level. Before I accepted Christ, I tended to be skeptic about every single thing because of all the evil in the world. I was part of it, but I tended to compare myself to others and think “I’m not that bad” (even though eventually I DID get “that” bad). 

Without God’s grace and love, our flesh guides us, and we are full of sin (as above) but now that I’m in the light, I feel pure and my thoughts are not consumed by outside (wordly) influences. The more I read the bible, the more I cringe at the world’s moral and values. We are new! And our sins are as white as snow when we repent. (Isaiah 1:18) 

What I would like to point out is, we should always strive to purify ourselves. God once told me that I had covered my relationship in dirt and it was time to dig up and get it clean. How many things in your life are under the dirt? God wants to help you make all the areas of your life NEW! 

God bless. 



williams party of three

Exodus 25-26

Reading this passage in Exodus today, I thought, wow God really put some serious detail into this.If God would put this much design, effort, detail and beauty into the tabernacle it makes me wonder how beautiful, pure and holy are bodies are supposed to be since they are the “temples of the Holy Spirit.” I’m quite convicted I can do better. That I need to do better.

I am so blown away by the Gold Lampstand. God is so detailed! If God is this specific over how a lamp is put together how much more is He over the details of my life?
The words that I’m just skimming over because I can’t actually picture such an amazing creation, well God laid out each of those details for a reason. And it’s the same with us. Every tiny little thing in the creation of the human body…

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Esther: 5am reading

I woke up at 4:20am and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to read the bible because God spole to me earlier so I wanted to be attentive. I open to Esther and read the whole story. Then I read the summary so I could make sure I didn’t miss anything.

And indeed I got reassurance! 🙂 

Yesterday God reminded me of what I’ve been thru and it can be best summarized as 

Remember – medidate – grow 

And reading Esther gives insight to the future. It’s like He’s saying I GOT YOU and it couldn’t have come at a better time because this week I’m going to speak to the lawyer about my documentation to get back into the states. I’m not worried about it but my father is pushing me to get back already, so it’s like Esther when she fasted for 3 days to go talk to the King. I was thinking about fasting this week, so maybe this was a sign? Either way, I trust God and His timing. He’s never failed and He won’t start now.

Thank you Lord for this!! I love waking up in the middle of the night for lessons! 

Edited: I went on my instagram & look at what I just saw. :-O 

-I follow them. I looove confirmation!