3:30am Reflection


I feel pretty happy lately. While I’m tired from only working, I am self employed who makes my own hours.
While I get annoyed with my messy cats, I have two cuties who make me happy.
While my husband annoys the crap out of me, I have a sweet,funny partner.

As for friends, I’m getting there, I just feel as people are always in competition with me. I don’t trust anyone, as fun as they may be. My bff is far and I can’t wait till she’s home in December.

I’ve taken a break from Instagram, cause I’m slowly trying to back away from it. Sick of updates to people who don’t even care. Blah!

So I’m up cause we were both in bed by 10pm last night😄🙈 I was going to make cookies yesterday (which I was pretty excited for) but we were missing major ingredients and I wasn’t gonna go buy em so no cookies for me.

Work in the AM and it’s going to be a full day tomorrow!
Well prob bored you, adios!


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