Tuesday Thoughts: Stand back!

Hii! It’s 11:37pm but we’ll pretend it’s earlier and that this is a Tuesday post.

I’ve had a LOT on my mind since Sunday, and as I said before, Sunday always sets the mood for the week.

I always think about personalities and our relationship with Christ. Once we decide to lead a life with Him, we have to sacrifice, change our lives radically, and we seem to forget that it also means change our ways. The deep, hard to deal with, human nature ways NEED to be dealt with, and there is no avoiding it. The world changes us as we grow up. It tells us we need to be strong, selfish, brutally honest and just all around a “BOSS”.

I used to think like this, so much that it started to affect my marriage, and that’s when it became a problem. Luckily, we talked about it and it wasn’t too hard for me to switch back to the not so headstrong person I TRULY am. I had that hard shell that came from thinking that I needed to be like that in order to deal with the world. But guess what? The world doesn’t need any more of that! They have enough of those people. I see that God wants us to be soft hearted, childlike, humble,approachable, gentle beings to do his work! Learning to be submissive means learning to have more faith. 

It’s something we need to work on, and it’s a constant battle. We all want to be feared. We want to be on top of whatever game it is we’re playing, whether it’s a business, a small group leadership, or even in your group of friends.

But where is God going to have space to work 100% in you, if you’re always leading, always taking lead, always doing what you THINK you should be doing? God has given us talents, and we need to step back and know what he is in charge, and he will place you where you should be, as long as we LET him and don’t try to force things.

This got oddly specific, it’s just something I’ve been going through for a while. It was a lesson and an experience, that made me snap out of this thinking pattern that I believed was right.

Be careful what you believe in.



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