Non believers in the family

How do you deal with family members who know of God but don’t KNOW Him or His word,or just don’t believe in Him?

They don’t understand your ways of living,

your decisions,

your peace through it all

or your Faith.

Yesterday I was talking to a family member very close to me (I won’t say who because a family member might read this lol) and they were saying how I need to hurry up and get back to the US and I told them it’s not time yet. They didn’t understand and said that I need to make the time then and I simply said again “I’m here for a reason, it is not time for me to go. God knows what to do.”  They didn’t say anything after but I can guarantee you they didn’t respond because they didn’t understand/ thought they were right/ were not in the mood for an argument. If you know me, you know that a year or two ago, I’d NEVER say this! I’d just be like YES I do, let’s go!! Wooo! Hate this place. Amazing what God can do to an anxious little girl like me.

So how do you guys deal? How often does an argument/ misunderstanding happen?



  1. I’m in the same boat as you. Not entirely though, my family are believers but it’s just that they believe in God and that’s it.
    God has been so gracious. When I started walking seriously with the Lord, I met disagreements and disapproval from my family (that I spend so much time at church) but as the years went on, I have seen how He has changed my family’s hearts and even that of my own. I used to react badly when they reprimand me about my faith but now I see how God has taught me how to respond well to criticisms and rejection. I continue to pray that He will also call them and choose them to walk with Him like He has done for me. (:


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