God, it’s YOU!


(Original instagram post)

At 5:32am it’s you. When I’m down, or when I’m ecstatic, it’s you. When it goes my way or all fails, it’s you. When it’s not you I know it should be you. When it hurts, it’s you. When it doesn’t feel right, when I’m anxious, when it offends me, it’s you. You’re there and you help and heal. The comfort; it’s you. The joy, the blessings, the understanding, the good night’s sleep, the protection, the tender heart, it’s you. It was never us, it was always you. It always be you. You’re always there, and when we remove you, it’s you, knocking to let you in. It’s you we should follow. It’s you and no one else. It’s you that guides and loves. It’s you that disciplines, and the grace when we don’t think we deserve it? You. Who died for us? You. I give it ALL to | YOU! | 👏👏👏👏

My Savior.

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