I’m so in sync with the Holy Spirit lately.
Literally, this whole weekend all I did was worship and crave Him, talk to Him, and write about things that He puts in my heart and it’s just like !!!!!
I even got to talk to my younger brother about God and he wants to come to our Saturday worship group which makes me happy cause he was pulled into church when he was dating & he just broke up with his girlfriend so it might be an opening! Awesome! 😍
And then my cousin was like “I love your last post on Instagram” and it makes me glad because I want people to read these things and a fire to ignite within them! That’s my goal, that’s why the HS guides me through those thoughts.

…People probably think I have so much free time cause I posted like 3 diff things on instagram and here I also had time to post, lol, it WAS the weekend and whatever anyway. Who cares! It needs to be said and I get so excited about it. I’m not shutting it out because of what people might think (people don’t think they just criticize)

How can people live life without God?!? Life is so bland without Him.




  1. I’m reading work by Russian mystic philosopher Vladimir soloviev at the moment. He calls the Holy Spirit Sophia and is feminine. Anyway – with you – joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God ! X


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