quick reflection: hebrews 5:11


This was a reminder to myself. I stumbled across this and it was like “hey bella, wake up!” Lately I have “stopped trying to understand.” I’ve stopped trying to seek God as much as before, because the world has distracted me and I let it. We need to check ourselves daily, if you’re not focusing on God and checking your thoughts, you will easily move away. Everytime I feel far from God I always remember that quote:
if you’re far from God, who moved?

That’s such a slap in the face! I had no balance these past few weeks because my husband was visiting fam in the US and ended up staying much longer than expected. Of course, we were attacked from all directions because the enemy knows when we’re apart we both get weak. Thankfully he came home yesterday, on the 25th (best Christmas gift ever, God worked wonders for us) so now we will get back into routine and back to our normal ways.

The verse goes on to mention about the solid food and milk. I feel like I keep going back to both, because of the lack of discipline. We should all strive to eat the solid food, especially those who know the word and have the opportunity to go deeper in it. (Again, checking myself)

Well, it’s 10:30 am and I’m still in bed cause I took today off. My husband’s back and everything feels alright.

Have a greattt day & don’t forget: don’t move away from God!💙


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