The Great Separator


Living Water for Today

In today’s world of Christianity, what we hear so much of is simply that God wants to bless us. We hear how we are highly favored of the Lord. We hear things like ‘this is your best life now’ or ‘this is your year of breakthrough’ or ‘God wants to bless you’. Blessing, blessing, blessing. Now don’t get me wrong. I like blessings from God just as much as the next guy (and maybe more!) but there is another side to this. Let’s divulge shall we…

Sin separates. Sin corrupts. Sin lies. Basically sin is just plain bad, there is really no other way around it. God hates sin and praise the Lord He has provided a relief for our sin. He has provided a cure for our sickness-that cure is Jesus Christ. All we have to do to receive the cure is to receive Jesus as our Lord and…

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