Titus 1:15-6 

-Titus 1:15-16 
I believe we can all relate to this on some level. Before I accepted Christ, I tended to be skeptic about every single thing because of all the evil in the world. I was part of it, but I tended to compare myself to others and think “I’m not that bad” (even though eventually I DID get “that” bad). 

Without God’s grace and love, our flesh guides us, and we are full of sin (as above) but now that I’m in the light, I feel pure and my thoughts are not consumed by outside (wordly) influences. The more I read the bible, the more I cringe at the world’s moral and values. We are new! And our sins are as white as snow when we repent. (Isaiah 1:18) 

What I would like to point out is, we should always strive to purify ourselves. God once told me that I had covered my relationship in dirt and it was time to dig up and get it clean. How many things in your life are under the dirt? God wants to help you make all the areas of your life NEW! 

God bless. 




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Exodus 25-26

Reading this passage in Exodus today, I thought, wow God really put some serious detail into this.If God would put this much design, effort, detail and beauty into the tabernacle it makes me wonder how beautiful, pure and holy are bodies are supposed to be since they are the “temples of the Holy Spirit.” I’m quite convicted I can do better. That I need to do better.

I am so blown away by the Gold Lampstand. God is so detailed! If God is this specific over how a lamp is put together how much more is He over the details of my life?
The words that I’m just skimming over because I can’t actually picture such an amazing creation, well God laid out each of those details for a reason. And it’s the same with us. Every tiny little thing in the creation of the human body…

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Esther: 5am reading

I woke up at 4:20am and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to read the bible because God spole to me earlier so I wanted to be attentive. I open to Esther and read the whole story. Then I read the summary so I could make sure I didn’t miss anything.

And indeed I got reassurance! 🙂 

Yesterday God reminded me of what I’ve been thru and it can be best summarized as 

Remember – medidate – grow 

And reading Esther gives insight to the future. It’s like He’s saying I GOT YOU and it couldn’t have come at a better time because this week I’m going to speak to the lawyer about my documentation to get back into the states. I’m not worried about it but my father is pushing me to get back already, so it’s like Esther when she fasted for 3 days to go talk to the King. I was thinking about fasting this week, so maybe this was a sign? Either way, I trust God and His timing. He’s never failed and He won’t start now.

Thank you Lord for this!! I love waking up in the middle of the night for lessons! 

Edited: I went on my instagram & look at what I just saw. :-O 

-I follow them. I looove confirmation! 

The Great Separator


Living Water for Today

In today’s world of Christianity, what we hear so much of is simply that God wants to bless us. We hear how we are highly favored of the Lord. We hear things like ‘this is your best life now’ or ‘this is your year of breakthrough’ or ‘God wants to bless you’. Blessing, blessing, blessing. Now don’t get me wrong. I like blessings from God just as much as the next guy (and maybe more!) but there is another side to this. Let’s divulge shall we…

Sin separates. Sin corrupts. Sin lies. Basically sin is just plain bad, there is really no other way around it. God hates sin and praise the Lord He has provided a relief for our sin. He has provided a cure for our sickness-that cure is Jesus Christ. All we have to do to receive the cure is to receive Jesus as our Lord and…

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Becoming Free to Hear God

Insightful piece to reflect on..

Laughter: Carbonated Grace

I just want to reiterate my theme song: We are all born different.

I don’t have expertise in much, but personality differences have been my area of specialization since the early 1980’s. I used to be a consultant on their implications for marriage relationships, teaching/learning styles, approaches to spirituality and even management skills.

We are different in both what and how we take in information from the outer world
We are different in how we process what we take in.
We are different in what we value.
So, we are different in how we respond to what we take in.
We are incredibly different in how we communicate.
We are different in how we live in the world……whether goal driven, pleasure driven, influenced by others or our own built in agendas.
We are different in whether we are focused on the present moment, the past or the future.
Words have…

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Devil’s Work


Read the bible
Read the word
Keep the devil
From your door

See him at your window
Hear him on your roof
A creeping

Read the bible
Read the word
Keep the devil
From your door

Day and night
A taping
Tries to catch your
While your napping

Read the bible
Read the word
Keep the devil
From your door

In his head
A plan is hatching
Devil will go
A catching
Read the bible
Read the word
Keep the devil
From your door

In his scheming
To gentle
Grab you
In your dreaming

Read the bible
Read the word
Keep the devil
From your door

The time
Will come
But not today
Keep the devil
Far at bay

So read the bible
Read the word
Keep the devil
From your door

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