Devil’s soldiers.

3:23am – Can’t sleep. I posted one bible verse on Instagram & my brother in law went on a rampage again about being an atheist (thinking he’s being wise by trying to show me the “truth.” Obviously because I must’ve intimidated him somehow) …



The heart wants what it wants.

So this week I heard Selena Gomez’s new song “The heart wants what it wants.” If you’ve heard this song, you hear the lyrics and notice that she’s talking about her relationship (with Justin Bieber, in case you don’t follow yahoo news and etc.)

So I listened to it, and I just felt bad for her. Not for her relationship problems and whatnot, but for the lack of knowledge and shallowness. Even if it’s not her exact situation, I can guarantee you most people liked this song and loved the lyrics because they related to it. The lyrics turned me off because she just sounds so lost, BECAUSE her heart’s guiding her,but the title had me thinking: how many of us, the saved ones, still live by this and use this?

The heart is deceitful above all things
and beyond cure.
Who can understand

Jeremiah 17:9

I can end this post right here. This alone says a lot. It was the first verse that came to mind. This is a dangerous thing!

!!!! – Look at the synonyms!

We, as newborn Christians, need to be aware of these phrases and mottos we heard all of our lives. These phrases are so popular but so strong! When we say “the heart wants what it wants” we are inviting sin in. If I had gone with what my heart wanted, just on the past 3 years, I’d definitely NOT be here! My heart had led me so far in I didn’t even want to continue life with God, I just wanted to go with what I felt and live my life (Thank GOD for his grace!!)

This allows us to be guided by sin, by our flesh. You’re letting the devil use you. This is saying “my heart leads the way. I give in to my heart and feelings.” Feelings CANNOT guide us! (Again, I wouldn’t be here)

Are you at that point in your life where you KNOW who guides you? Are you fully aware of the influences you are letting in your heart & mind? Who’s guiding you: God, the creator, or your feelings, that misguide and lead you into the devil’s traps? Right now, what you want the most, is i coming from your heart(sinful nature) or from the Holy Spirit? Think about it and do a double check for your life right now.

Let’s be more aware! Like this quote, there are many many more thrown at us. Social medias, family members, friends, the sources are endless. Start taking this more seriously, and train yourself to see these things and know they are not true. Awareness is essencial in living life with God.

By the way, “do what makes you happy” is right next to “the heart wants what it wants.”

Have a great Thanksgiving guys!! Wish I was the states to celebrate it 😦 it’s been 3 years without it.
Hubby’s there, I’m jealous (Not my time God, I know. I just get so down)

Friday reminders: He’s surely alive!

It’s Friday and this week was a bit better than the rest but MAN OH MAN are people pushing it!

A couple of weeks ago I had a REALLY bad week, from rude students to fights to people just misunderstanding me and since then it just feels like every week is getting better and back to normal, even though there are unnecessary things still coming at me.

The enemy knows that I am on the right path and he is doing whatever he can to distract me and mislead me. As I grow in Christ, I’ve learned that
instead of falling for it or giving in it, I talked to my husband and got it out of way. Out of mind means out of heart!

We all get attacked daily by the devil and his devious ways, and we need to have someone to fall back on. Someone we trust, that can serve as guidance and who will listen to us without judging or misunderstanding your ways. Do you have that person?

Of course you do! He goes by GOD!

He knows your needs, he knows your wants! Speak to him, he is the one that will comfort you and guide you. He is here for you, whether you realize this or not!

One of favorite quotes,
“if you feel far from God, who moved?” , fits perfectly in these situations. Use him as a shield, as a best friend. He wants a relationship with you!

Don’t move. One step farther from him could be one step closer to your sinful ways. Don’t get the devil happy. Make your way to God now!

♥️ have a great weekend, whoever is reading this.